do not mention the war

Reading List

What follows is a list of books, some already discussed here, others not, that are important for my research and which are either seminal works in their field or very important for my thesis.

John Ramsden: Don’t mention the war (Read a review here)

David Downing: Best of enemies

Simon Winder: Germania

Dominic Sandbrook: White Heat. 1964-70

Dominic Sandbrook: State of Emergency. The way we were in Britain, 1970-1974

Gudrun Kruip: Das ‘Welt-Bild‘ des Springer-Verlags. Journalismus zwischen westlichen Werten und deutschen Denktraditionen.

Thomas Kielinger: Crossroads and Roundabouts. Junctions in German-British relations.

Alwyn Turner: Crisis? What Crisis? Britain in the 70s.

Andy Beckett: When the Lights went out. What really happened to Britain in he Seventies.

Richard Vinen: Thatcher’s Britain. The Politics and Social Upheaval of the 1980s.

Arthur Marwick: British Society since 1945.

Jonathan Wilson: Inverting the Pyramid. The History of Football Tactics. (Read a review here)

Jonathan Wilson: The Anatomy of England. A History in 10 Matches.

Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger: Tor! The Story of German Football.

Gerhard Henschel, Günther Willen: Drin oder Linie? Alles übers Dritte Tor.

Raphael Honigstein: Englischer Fussball. A German’s View of our Beautiful Game (Read a review here)

Erich Loest: Der Mörder saß im Wembley-Stadion.

Richard Holt: Sport and the British. A Modern History.

Richard Holt, Tony Mason: Sport in Britain 1945-2000.

Raymond Boyle: Sports Journalism. Contexts and Issues.


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