do not mention the war


Hello and welcome!

My name is Christoph Wagner, i’m German and currently living near Paris but until October 2009 i have lived for four years in Leicester, UK and became quite knowledgeable about England and Germany from a comparative perspective and which is one reason to explain this blog. The other certainly is my PhD which I’m undertaking at DeMontfort University in Leicester which deals with the Anglo-German footballrivalry (You can find a presentation on this topic here!) and relationships in the sporting press between 1954 and 1996. While this is just one aspect of these relationships however, these will form the focal point of my writings here. Other aspects such as music, film, literature will also feature but to a lesser extent as will football.

I’m very happy about comments and will respond to those. Also feel free to criticise and to correct me and or any of my posts.

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