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The Dilemma of the Left

In Politics on July 10, 2017 at 08:00

This weekend will go down in history. The G20 summit in Hamburg was accompanied by wide spread protests, many held in good faith and non-violent. Yet, the images that will stick in the collective memory for years to come will be those of rioting and looting in Hamburg.

Let’s be clear: I condemn violence. Protest and demonstrations should be peaceful. The lasting impression from this weekend however, will be that the Left is stuck in a cycle of violence. This way there will never be a left or leftist Renaissance.

The Left or anyone considering him- or herself to be on the left hand side of the political spectrum should really consider what is at stake. If riots and looting are all the Left has to offer, then it is condemned to its little corner.

If the Left however, manages to offer a viable alternative, one that offers safety and well being for all, one that has sustainability and the human at its centre, then will there be a chance. If this alternative is moreover inclusive unlike the current incumbent form of capitalism, chances may be even higher that it will succeed.

The G20 is the forum where the 20 most influential countries meet to discuss financial matters. In that alone it excludes the majority of countries. Why can’t there be a G180 or however many countries are left out of this summit to offer a counter image? An image of inclusiveness and open mindedness that would be in contrast to what the G20 have to offer.

Herein lies the chance of the Left. It’s up to them to take it.

photo credit: tama66 via pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


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