do not mention the war

A Selfish Act of Cowardice

In Britain on June 24, 2016 at 16:00

With the result of the referendum now unchangeable, one cannot but describe David Cameron as a coward, a selfish coward. It was him who pledged to hold this referendum in the first place in order to win back voters who would have gone to UKIP or elsewhere. After the General Election he had the chance to say eff off to those hoping for a referendum; it is usual policy not to remember any promises made before an election once the votes are counted and the result has gone the direction it was expected to go. He did not, thus starting a nasty campaign that tore Britain apart.

Once the result of this vote was clear he had nothing better to do than to resign. He has caused this result to happen and now he is not ready to clean up the mess. He is avoiding responsibility. However, a referendum is NOT an election but only an opinion of the electorate. Therefore, Cameron has had another chance to give a flying to the opinion of the electorate. He chose not to. Since he decided to step down, he opened the door to worse things to happen in Britain, much much worse. Figures like Farage, who has no manners, Johnson who has no brains and Gove who thinks he always knows best, will come to govern the UK for the immediate future. And make the country a different place to the one i have come to know in five years of living there.

The question for the EU now is: what will happen if others follow suit and decide to leave? Will this construct implode like a house of cards? Now more than ever is there an urgent need to look carefully and scrutinize everything that constitutes this union and reform it, reshape it to the benefit of the common people, not shareholders, politicians, technocrats.


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