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Life on Mars?

In Popular Culture on January 23, 2016 at 12:00

In a recent report in the guardian newspaper, Ian Sample, the science editor wrote about scientists who indicate that there may be a planet orbiting at the outer edges of our galaxy, the milky way. This is of course only speculation and needs further research to confirm the existence of said planet.

What if this mass that appears to pull smaller objects into its orbit was nothing but the space ship of Major Tom? Floating in a most peculiar way? So that we can’t find out what exactly it is? Wouldn’t it be fitting for David Bowie who often referred to the universe in his work to have settled there? While we still wonder how life on mars would be, Major Tom explores the outer space. Unfortunately, his circuit is dead and there is something wrong so we can’t hear him what he has to say. Surely, a lot of interesting stuff.

We’ll never know as communication has not yet been re-established.


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