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April Fools Day 1915

In History on April 1, 2015 at 08:20

In this little quote, we can learn something about humour.

One of our men flew over the Lille aerodrome and dropped a football. All the Germans rushed for cover, imagining that a bomb was coming down, but when, after many enormous rebounds, the ball at length came to a rest, they approached it cautiously, and on it they read: ‘April Fools! Gott Strafe England!’

This little quote originates from a certain Captain A.P. Thompson. What does it tell us? That the British liked a joke during the war. Their sense of humour was not influenced by the circumstances, which tells us something about their character. They brought a laughter in the face of their adversaries, yet it is not clear what the Germans said about this gesture but their panicking reaction speaks volumes.


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