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Publication: Wembley 1966 and what it means for England & Germany

In Academia on May 27, 2014 at 10:00

I have co-written a chapter in an edited volume looking at football culture in England and Germany.



Memories of the World Cup final of 1966 – England’s controversial third goal in particular – are deeply embedded in popular culture, though probably more so in England than in Germany. For the ‘fifty years of hurt’ since 1966, English football has lived in its shadow, not least because of the failure of any England team since that date to equal the achievements of Bobby Moore and his colleagues and the determination of the tabloid press to ensure that the event is not forgotten. In contrast, German response to the disappointment of defeat and the injustice of Das Wembleytor has generally been more restrained, though there was some excitement in the 1990s when Oxford University scientists ‘proved’ that Hurst’s shot had not crossed the line. This chapter explores reactions to the match at the time and seeks to explain how this key moment in Anglo-German cultural relations has been remembered over the following decades.

Available at VS Springer or Amazon


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