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The Similarity of Football Grounds

In Football on January 28, 2013 at 12:08

We seem to live in an age where conformity is the non plus ultra. This becomes most obvious when we compare football grounds in England and Germany. Nowadays, the new grounds of Leicester City FC and East German outfit 1. FC Magdeburg look strikingly similar.

Magdeburgs’ MDCC Arena looks as though being made by the same architect:


This conformity has not been the case with their old grounds; Leicester‘s Filbert Street had a double-decker main stand, while Magdeburg‘s Ernst-Grube-Stadion was a wide open ground with one main stand under a roof and terraces running around the ground. There were many grounds that looked similar and one could argue that Leicester’s and Magdeburg’s current grounds are simply a sign of the times in which they have been built. Just as the Ernst-Grube-Stadion, Magdeburg’s old ground was to be found – with some minor differences – throughout Europe; even Brussels Heysel Stadium was similar. Architecture, just like fashion therefore undergoes trends it appears. It is nonetheless a sad sign of the times as the grounds look exchangeable and lack that extra bit of particularity that made them distinguishable from other grounds.

English: The "Double Decker" Stand a...

English: The “Double Decker” Stand at Filbert Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deutsch: Haupttribüne des ehemaligen Ernst-Gru...

Deutsch: Haupttribüne des ehemaligen Ernst-Grube-Stadions in Magdeburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

photo credits: Walkers Stadium Leicester: Wally Haines; MDCC Arena: Greifen


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