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In Football on November 29, 2012 at 11:37

The Sage of the North presents the fortunes of the Bundesliga teams in this season’s Champions League campaign.



Champions League Matchday Five

The bloated English Premier League lost its Champions from Europe’s elite tournament this week. Meanwhile, Chelsea’s impending failure cost them their eighth manager of the decade. What a frenzy for the headline writers; what a depressingly familiar inevitability for the rest of us. All sense of proportion has long been lost. Money can buy success but never satisfaction. In Germany they shake their heads at our pomposity and bombast. We can keep our expensive circus, full of clown-like defending and high-wire balancing acts. They just get on producing quality footballers, adaptable and intelligent, in a domestic structure which offers the cheapest tickets for fans and works for the benefit of the national team. Oh, and all three of their clubs have qualified for the knockout stages with a round of matches to spare.

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  1. Cheers for the comment and reblog. The Champions League is such a fantastic competition precisely because it serves up a variety of styles and tactics, unlike the EPL whose entertainment credentials have much to do with the constant turnovers of possession. Dortmund’s performance at Man. City was up there with anything I’ve seen this season (though of course it ended as a draw!), and they might just prove a real dark horse in the later stages.


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