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In Britain, Olympics on August 16, 2012 at 11:00

Here follows a collection of some interesting and some simply nice blog posts about the Olympic Games in London.

It starts with Boris Johnson who gave 20 reasons to feel cheerful about the Games. Number 19: There were semi-naked women playing beach volleyball in the Horse Guards.

Julia Hass was of the opinion that the Olympics are fabulous and added a sometimes in brackets. Her focus was the parade of nations which she watched with her mother. She gives her opinions about the dresses of the athletes’ dress on the night. Her favourites were the Belgian dresses, which she described as preppy, since she was utterly disappointed with the outfit worn by the Czech Republic. They wore blue Wellington boots to pay a tribute to the British weather. There are no reports so far as to whether this caused any offence or inconveniences. Worst off, the German women who had a pink jacket. This is not a German colour at all and rightly so it was pointed out.

A literary outlook is given by Deborah Rose Reeves. She gathered a number of blog posts from across the globe which focussed on the current Olympics or had something to say about history. Well worth checking.

Looking at fashion is this interesting post, which delivers a slide show of 50 ‘fashionable Olympians‘. From a sporting point of view, Sage of the North has produced an Olympic Diary, delivering 8 posts of insights from the Olympics. However, the blog does look at the time after the Games in its latest post: ‘Confronting Legacy.’

A sad day was reported from cycling intelligence as a man died cycling through London. What gave this a very bitter aftertaste was that he was killed by a bus carrying journalists and athletes. The victim, Dan Harris, was a blogger and media strategist. Cycling Intelligence report that he is the 10th cyclist to die this year on London’s streets and deliver a count since 2006.

Heavily criticizing the availability of live coverage truth out argue that many viewers in the United States will be frustrated as they missed out on a fantastic event. NBC did not offer any coverage online but instead customers were forced to buy a satellite or cable subscription to watch the Games online. It appears that NBC is withholding the best events until prime time in America to make the most of advertizing revenue. There is apparently no other way to watch live events from London.

Lastly, a view from Germany that is simply unpleasant. The country’s biggest tabloid BILD has put a piece online which highlights that Germany has become a middle-sized power. This sounds like utterly political speech but it is referring to the efforts made by the athletes in London. The conclusion: Germans have become lush and couch potatoes. The author sees a nation content with second place. While the author is correct in pointing out that Germany has fallen in the medal table, he is wrong to assume that the Germans have become lazy.

Quite a selection this is. However, there are millions of other blogs and websites that i haven’t checked. Nonetheless, i found these very interesting as these posts and websites deliver an interesting choice.

  1. Thanks for the mention Christoph! So sad to hear about that cyclist, I commute by bike so it’s always frightening to hear these things. Great roundup.


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