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Anglo-German meeting May 19, 2012

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Due to Bayern Munich‘s success in ‘typical German manner’ (quote: Gary Lineker, Sir Alex Ferguson i.e. penalty shoot out, against Real Madrid in last nights Champions League semi-final, there will be another Anglo-German meeting taking place at Munich on May 19. Accidentally, it will be a football match. This has happened on a few occasions in the past and not always have the coverage and the football been adequate. It is hoped though that this will not be the case on May 19 at the Allianz Arena in Munich, where the final of this year’s Champions League will be staged.

Football War

The press have had their share on the negative reputation those encounters had. The Daily Mirror declared a war on Germany, a football war, in 1996 and had to apologize afterwards as the coverage was deemed xenophobic, which it was. Only four years later the same paper reminded the English players that kick-off for the group game between England and Germany would be at 19:45 which for the common readers in England meant ‘time for victory boys’, which was the finish phrase of the pre-match report in the Daily Mirror.

The German tabloid Bild on the other hand asked questions as to why English people look like lobsters after a few hours sunbathing or why the English national team are not able to master a penalty shoot out. The climax was the question how many trophies England has won in international tournaments in comparison to Germany. This is a no brainer certainly but equally bad in taste as the Daily Mirror’s coverage and campaign.

Besides those magnificent games like the World Cup Final in 1966 or the quarterfinal four years later in Leon, Mexico or Munich 2001, there have been negative examples, too. Coincidentally it involved Bayern Munich in the European Cup Final against Leeds United, which the German team won but under very dubious circumstances as Leeds had a correct goal disallowed for offside.

The coverage for the final once more will be huge and Do Not Mention The War and The Old International will report on the game and deliver the usual first class analysis of the game and the coverage before kick-off and after the final whistle.


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