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‘Football belongs to everyone…

In England, Football, Identity, Sport, World Cup on June 6, 2011 at 13:13

…and we’re in charge’, is how Sepp Blatter reacted to allegations of corruption and the demand for a delay of the presidential election at FIFA this Wednesday. This quote puts in a nutshell what many are considering is wrong with the world governing body of football. Normally it would be the fans who are in charge of football as they pay the gate figures or subscription fees and buy the latest merchandize. And yet the controversy surrounding the FIFA election was a big thing in England and Germany but the English FA are being made the laughing-stock of world football simply because they dared to stand up and speak out against what they considered unfair, while the German FA kowtowed to Blatter and his gang once more. The idea of fair play is kept in high regard in English football although money seemed to have killed off the idea. This however, is not the central point but rather the reactions from England should be of interest here. Once more the English media come across as aloof when it comes to FIFA. It is an inherent thinking that England somehow should rule football, like FIFA does now as the modern game of football has been invented in England. It must have been painful to see the 2018 World Cup go to Qatar albeit England certainly has the better infrastructure when it comes to football. Notwithstanding, the reaction was that of wounded pride and a retreat to the island, which is historically the normal English reaction after painful experiences against continental or oversea opposition, followed. As noble and correct the English advance was, so wrong it was in its set up. The same must be said about the German FA’s creepy role with regards to the blazer brigade in Zürich, which even appalled many German journalists. FIFA must change otherwise the game will no longer belong to everyone.


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