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Traut the Kraut

In England, Football, Germany, History, Identity, Sport on November 21, 2010 at 16:31

The English Premier League claims to be the best league in the world and thus attracts a worldwide following. When it comes to television revenue the EPL is certainly unrivalled and nowhere is there a possible challenger in sight. The German Bundesliga maybe is the financially most secure league in Europe but for some it seems to lack the flair of its English counterpart. As for the football played, it surely is a very different league of its own as many players who have witnessed the best of both worlds certainly would acknowlegde. So how is it that not more German players have been making their mark in England? German football is known for its reliability and from the spot the Germans are almost unbeatable as every England fan will sadly confirm. But the other way round there are hardly any viable examples, Owen Hargreaves being the last and to many probably the only known English man playing abroad, in that case Germany.

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