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Germans are for cars

In England, Germany, Identity, Stereotypes on September 9, 2010 at 14:43

So or similar did Jeremy Clarkson (Correct me if i’m wrong on that one!) once describe what he thinks Germans are best at: Making cars that are reliable and sound. And efficient. Prove to that statement is the fact that Germany is among the biggest car manufacturers worldwide and that German cars are driven and admired for their technical reliability worldwide. Even old bangers like a seventies Mercedes can be sold off to Africa, either to dispense rare and expensive spare parts or as taxis and other valuable means of transport. Beetles and VW Camper Vans are still driven and are kept almost as a treasure.

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Football and Music

In England, Football, Germany, Stereotypes on September 4, 2010 at 18:02

In a recent issue of one of Germany’s best football magazines, 11 Freunde, an article focussed on the topic and the close relationship between football and pop. On the cover Noel Gallagher poses in a ManCity replica shirt, something bands such as Element of Crime would certainly not do. I’m not aiming at reciting this article or add something to it. Rather, i will look at football songs recorded by England or German teams recorded ahead of World Cup campaigns and will put my own thoughts forward.

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