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War of the Words

In England, Football, Germany, Sport, Stereotypes, World Cup on June 24, 2010 at 21:27

Well, well England vs Germany. The continent’s oldest and fiercest rivalry once more. This time as early as the second round. Already the war of the words has begun. With Der Kaiser delivering what was thought to be a broadside at the English could backfire against Löw’s team as England will be even more motivated. Stupidly enough some England players immediately took offence and responded, ignoring that the Kaiser is not so much a loved figure in Germany as he might think he is.

Like Kaiser Wilhelm II in the early twentieth century, Franz Beckenbauer is never shy of speaking his mind. One clearly does not need to be a historian of modern Germany to figure out the role of the Kaiser Wilhelm II and his verbal and political blunders in the build-up to WWI. Not that he carries the guilt all alone but he certainly played his role. A certain naïvety and undoubtedly huge portions egocentrism kickstarted all sorts of trouble in 1914.

The Germans liked their Kaiser in the early twentieth century and the English tend to think we still do in the twenty-first. That certainly is not the case. Beckenbauer is far from influential as he thinks he is. His column about football in BILD Zeitung often enough speaks the minds of the common people but is not considered to be of any value for the state of German football.

Labelling the efforts of the English finishing second in their group as stupid, Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer kickstarted the war of the words. Stupidly enough, they responded with a translation error, which made it look as though Beckenbauer has said just that. In response The Sun claimed Defoe demanded to bring on the Germans.

  1. I think the game on Sunday will be a great match. Germany are obviously a good side and England really improved in their last game. Obviously England still have some work to do and will be considered the underdogs but I think an upset is possible. We will see.

    Here’s hoping for no penalties!


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