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First Things First.

In History on June 22, 2010 at 20:47

Hej there everybody and welcome!

Well, what is this about you might wonder, carrying this particular title. This blog will be covering the Anglo-German relationships post-1945. This is also the topic of my current academic research but i thought i might share some of the insights with the outside world. Yes, this blog will cover football as this field is so rich in anecdotes and incidences that it would be a crime to ignore it. Mind you we, might be just days away from another clash between Germany and England! Who knows! However, there won’t be any detailed match reports here. Instead, these will be here

Anyway, this should not be it. What is so special about Anglo-German relationships is that they are so special, so much so, that one could title them “special relationship”. The ties between two countries are rather strong and root back so long into European history, which makes them very special indeed and thus worth studying. One thing that will always come up when examinig both countries are stereotypes. Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) wrote after travelling across England “…the old stereotype characteristics we find in learned manual and ale houses can serve no more and lead us only to hopeless errors.” Having experienced the English way of life from a German perspective in a middle sized city in the Midlands i can say that some of the stereotypes that the Germans have about the English are not true and i would say that i saw as many people wearing socks and sandals in England as in Germany. So much for stereotypes. This blog is open to those who have something fruitful to say, allowing people to voice their disagreement or who agree with what i say and who give hints and advice or just randomly talk about England and Germany.

  1. Hi Christoph,

    Pretty good! I look forward to reading your blog.



  2. Hey Knut,

    really looking forward to reading this, but I have the answer already to all the “specialness”! 😉

    Us Germans have a inferiority complex cultural wise and the English in terms of Football. Apart from that we are pretty much alike and should get on really great. I honestly believe, that the English being way more “cool” and us beating them in every meaningful football match in the last 44 years, accounts for most of the animosity between the two people. (And then, let’s be honest, the “rivalry” is a one way thing. In Germany there is just Schadenfreude that feeds of the energy of the English hystery towards us.)

    I know, this “theory” doesn’t really hold water, at least not in such an abbreviated (sp.?) way of presenting it, but we will see a prime example in the next few days. All the Germans you see on TV will be rather emberrassing but we will win on Sunday and there will be at least two more years of hurt…

    Alright, looking forward to reading intelligent thoughts about Germany and England from you.

    Grüße, C.


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